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Mini Solar Powered Ventilator
The Mini Solar Ventilators is good for small hole ventilation.
The minimum hole size is 92mm in Diameter.
Model: SVT-011/011S/211S/023/023S/223S

SVT-011 ------ ABS Plastic Cowl + Clear Lens Top
SVT-011S ---- Stainless Steel Cowl + Clear Lens Top
SVT-211S ---- Stainless Steel Cowl + Flat PC Top, Lo Vent
SVT-023 ------ SVT-011 + Rechargeable Battery for Day & Night
SVT-023S ---- SVT-011S + Rechargeable Battery for Day & Night
SVT-223S ---- SVT-211S + Rechargeable Battery for Day & Night



  • Fully automatic operation powered by solar energy.
  • Avoid heat build-up at an area being ventilated.
  • Prevent mold, condensation, mildew, musty odors, damp, etc.
  • Moves 6.3 cubic feet of air per minute under full sun.
  • Water resistant, with overflow preventer.
  • No noise, safe and pollution free.
  • One year limited warranty.
  • Easy installation.
  • Front cowl material available in Stainless Steel & ABS plastic.


  • SVT-023,023S,223S with high quality rechargeable Ni-MH battery.
  • With concentrator lens top.
  • SVT-211S and 223s is Low profile vent good for boat deck use
  • Tape fit to 92 – 100mm diameter.


For caravans, boats, green houses, RVs, trucks, lorries, vans, offices, home conservations, kitchens or bathroom substation. Lofts, house boxes, stables farm building, unoccupied holiday homes, temporary sites, telephone boxes, and many others.  

Buyer's Guide

  • Area Size: Recommended use
  • Up to 24 ft: 1 exhaust vent
  • Up to 40 ft: 1 exhaust vent and 1 intake vent
  • From 40 ft or larger: 2 exhaust vent and 1 intake vent






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