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Solar Air Purifier
Solar Air Purifier is powered by sunlight, ambient lights, or driven by DC power from an adapter connected to the AC power source, no noise and pollution free.
Model: SAP-121
As you may know the function of bamboo carbon, it is not only can absorb moisture but also can absorb noxious gas. Thus, this purifier was used carbon film combined with Electric Air Filtration Filter will reduce micro-particulates emanating, which purify the air and creates fresh air from its outlet. No more battery inside the purifier just through solar panel for energy during the day time, also through an electric power to drive the motor of purifier day and night. This purifier can lay flat on desk top inside a house, or it can be installed on the wall between two rooms. Specially, it was building up a component like as intake fan blade to push the star air into the grill side and come out from the sleeve end, and the filter will be increasing fresh air, so this purifier is capable of continuous use for all day within a home environment.


  • Moves 16~20 cubic meters of air per hour (under optimum conditions)
  • Crystalline solar panel (3.2 V & 900 mA)
  • Weatherproof ABS plastic design
  • Powered engine : 6V
  • DC motor : 1,300RPM
  • Total weight : 1.50 kgs
  • Frame Size : 210 x 240mm
  • Tube Size : >= Diameter 110mm
  • Main Fan : A driving intake fan blade
  • Adapter cord with DC output of 4.5~6.0V,500~1,000 mA from an AC power sourceof 110/230V
  • Connection panel : 4.5 m wire cable
  • Extending sleeve : Inside carbonaceous prefilter (black color) and Electric Air
    Filtration Filter(white color)
  • Color Available : Black or White
  • Accessories: Black foam gasket and screw
    Pack for wall mounting, extra 1 pc Electric
    Air Filtration Filter for replacement


This air purifier can be powered by solar electric generator or driven by DC power from an adapter connected to the AC power source, and to install on a wall or lay flat on desk top inside the indoor. The solar panel is mobile type which is separated from the main structure of air purifier and can be installed on an area with good solar radiation and without shadows. The solar panel powers the motor is face to the sunshine at a clear day, or through DC power the unit can also be operative at dark or cloudy day. This air purifier can be placed in homes, kitchens, lofts, attics, boxes, bathrooms
farm buildings, substations, stables, offices, greenhouses, public toilets, barns, garden sheds, seasonal cottages, telephone booths, garages, hotels temporary site, empty homes during holidays and at any place that required an autonomous system of air renewal wall.



  • Fully automatic operation powered by solar energy or electric power.
  • Bamboo Carbon film combined with  Electric Air Filtration Filter for reducing odors and capture large particles, or filter chemicals, irritants, microscopic insect.
  • Prevent mold, condensation, mildew, musty odors, damp, etc.
  • Water resistant.
  • No noise, safe and pollution free.
  • One year limited warranty. Easy installation.

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